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Window tinting in Clovis, CA

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1462 Bullard Avenue

Clovis, CA

Phone: (559) 217-9144

Email: cencaltinting@gmail.com

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Description: Cen Cal Tinting is the top Mobile Window Tinting shop in Fresno, Ca. We offer only the highest quality film to ensure our customers are getting the quality they expect and deserve. We back all our installs by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This way you can rest assured you're in good hands. Another top reason our customers choose us is that we're mobile! This means that we'll tint your vehicle at your home or business so you don't have to wait at a shop. Every day we strive to offer the best mobile window tinting in Fresno, CA.

Hour: Monday - Sunday: 7-5

Year : 2018

Payment method: Cash, Card, Check