Daniel Meachum

Attorney Daniel Meachum is a nationally renowned lawyer and an expert in litigation, government regulation, corporate law, and sports and entertainment law. Daniel Meachum operates his own law firm, Daniel R. Meachum & Associates, a boutique firm that works with celebrities, athletes, corporations, non-profit organizations, and municipalities to meet their legal needs. As an attorney, Daniel Meachum has a track record of success, from his time as a member of the U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General’s Honors program, to his 122 of 126 successful major trials and out-of-court arbitrations. Daniel Meachum holds a Juris Doctor from Howard University’s School of Law in Washington, D.C. At Daniel R. Meachum & Associates, Daniel Meachum specializes in four practice areas: business, government regulation, litigation, and sports and entertainment. Daniel Meachum and his firm offer specialized industry practices as well, including interdisciplinary services to a variety of industries that experience heavy litigation and regulation. The structure of Daniel R. Meachum & Associates allows Daniel Meachum to bring the collective skills and experience of the firm to bear on legal matters for clients throughout the nation, providing efficient case management distributed equitably among the practices in the firm. To pursue strong and consistent relationships with his clients, Daniel Meachum works with them closely, making sure they receive services from the entire firm. Daniel Meachum assembles core legal teams for his clients, in which each lawyer is familiar with the needs, goals, business, personnel, and procedures of the client. A Lifetime Member of the National Bar Association, Daniel Meachum created the Wilson & Hattie Meachum Scholarship Fund, dedicated to assisting children who had lost their parents in pursuing legal careers by providing for their education. Daniel Meachum currently resides in Atlanta.