Daniel M Hurt

Business Consultant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Even though Daniel M. Hurt has relocated several times, he always returns to Fort Lauderdale. He was born and reared in the region and frequently returned to see his relatives and friends. After graduating from college, he could land his desired job just in his backyard. The previous two decades have seen him build his profession and business in this place that had been his lifelong goal.

Since returning to the area, he and his wife Janet have raised a great son, Michael, to whom they strive to impart lessons about hard work and achieving your aspirations. Both agree that providing children with the resources they need to succeed academically is critical. Despite his age, Michael is a talented and accomplished student.

In addition, Daniel M. Hurt and Janet believe in giving back to their local community. Visit as many local establishments as possible while you're out and about in Fort Lauderdale. Giving back to the community is important to the region's development and expansion. There is a strong belief that allowing small companies the opportunity to thrive and develop is the greatest approach to stimulating local growth.