Daniel Michael Hurt

Business Consultant in Miami, Florida

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Daniel Michael Hurt has relocated several times during his career, yet he always seems to return to Fort Lauderdale. Born and reared in the region, he frequently returned to see his family and friends. Even after completing college, he landed his ideal job in his hometown. It was his dream come true, and he has spent the previous two decades here expanding his career and business.

Since returning to the region, he and his wife Janet have raised a great kid called Michael, instilling lessons about perseverance and pursuing one's objectives. Both feel it is essential to provide children with a solid education and focused learning. Michael is a talented and intellectual kid who matures and develops each year.

Daniel Michael Hurt and Janet also believe in giving back to their community. Both often shop in Fort Lauderdale and patronize local companies. Giving money back to the community contributes to the growth and expansion of the region. They feel that the greatest approach to stimulate local economic growth is to provide tiny enterprises the opportunity to prosper and expand.

Over the years, Daniel Michael Hurt has participated in several movements and causes that he feels will better the world around him. He must do all he can to better the world. He thinks successful individuals offer others a better shot in life by volunteering their time. Consequently, he has backed initiatives such as the Universal Basic Income Movement.