Daniel Novaes

Chicago, IL

At the age of 25, Dan brings a decade of entrepreneurial experience to his role as founder & CEO of MobileX Labs, a Chicago-based app solutions company. He started his first company at the age of 15 with $1000 and built it up to over $2M/year in revenue by age 20. A graduate of Indiana’s Kelley School of Business, Dan is a self-taught entrepreneur, lifehacker, and used his skills to establish his brand across international e-commerce, consumer products, apparel, and web media industries. Dan’s companies have generated over $16M in revenue to date. Dan is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil , but grew up in Columbus, Indiana. He is fluent in three languages including: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Dan is currently a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, and The Founders Institute.

I preach three things in life. Stay hungry, hustle hard, and never get complacent. One day you WILL wake up with a stiff back, a white head of hair, and think to yourself where all your time went. #NoRegrets

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    • MobileX Labs
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    • Indiana Univeristy