Daniel Palmier

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

“Uppercut, lowercut, jab, jab, jab!” Daniel M. Palmier has been familiar with these terms since he was in third grade. Daniel Palmier, of Boston has made it a priority to be “Fit for Life.” As a result, he does “Boxing with Bobby” also known as Robert Miranda, a professional boxer turned instructor with the Boston Sports Club. Daniel Palmier developed his love for boxing as a child when his father taught him to defend himself against the wily neighborhood kids. In college, Daniel also participated in Bengal Bouts, an annual charity boxing tournament at the University of Notre Dame. Football coach Knute Rockne organized the boxing tournament at Notre Dame in 1920. Thereafter, Bengal Bouts, found its purpose in 1931 by raising funds for the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh. Coach Dominic “Nappy” Napolitano solidified the idea of service combined with sportsmanship and safety as Director and Coach of the Bengal Bouts for over 50 years. His words, “Strong bodies fight, that weak bodies be nourished” became the motto of the Bouts. If you attend the Bengal Bouts “you’ll see boys battling harder for the University championships than some heavyweights have fought for the championship of the world.” The tournament follows boxing rules and safety precautions which have pre-cluded any serious injury. Participants “fight their hearts out in five-day tournament for pride and the pure sport of it.” In 2010, Bengal Bouts raised $100,000 for the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh. This surpassed the $1,000,000 donated throughout the program’s existence. There are various styles, or strategic approaches that a boxer uses during a bout. There are boxer/out-fighters, boxer-punchers, counter-punchers, counter puncher, brawler/slugger, and swarmer/in-fighter.

Currently, Dan Palmier is the founder and CEO of UC Funds. He has also established the Palmier Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation created for the purpose of “giving back.” His philosophy is that “giving is not a choice, it’s an obligation.” Daniel Palmier, of Boston graduated from St. Christopher School and the University of Notre Dame.

Dan Palmier also understands the serious nature of cardiac arrest. As a result, Daniel Palmier is also currently mobilizing substantial aid to communities in Haiti with a particular emphasis on their hospital’s cardiac arrest services.

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    • University of Notre Dame