Daniel Panitz

Pompano Beach, Florida

Leveraging 35 years of experience in business and technology, Daniel Panitz channels his expertise into companies that focus on Green alternatives to building materials, and alternative energy systems. Daniel Panitz unfolds new technologies in the commercial setting and has joint ventured into specialized commercial markets where many dare not to go. Mr. Panitz's commercial applications of new technologies and recent scientific discoveries represent challenges to major old line industries which will result in new paradigm shifts in those major industries worldwide.

Daniel Panitz graduated from Rutgers, New School and finished his graduate work at New York University before finishing his theological studies. The Reverend is a well-rounded Renaissance man. Over the course of his career, Daniel Panitz has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skills in areas pertaining to "Green" technologies, business development, contract negotiation, intellectual property, mergers, and corporate law and the Arts.

Daniel Panitz got his start in business as a young inventor coming to the aid of his father who was held up and beat up in a neighborhood corner "candy store". The horrific beating that his father took at the hands of the holdup men served as inspiration for the first of many electronic inventions that Mr. Panitz perfected in the burglar alarm industry. His inventions led to the birth of a multimillion dollar business owned by the father. Many of those simple inventions served as the prototypes for many great advances in today's security industry. Although his earlier life was filled with all the trappings of poverty, it was not long before his father and Mr. Panitz enjoyed a more abundant life. Yet, wealth did not stop the young Daniel from finishing his college and graduate training. Strangely having a strong foundation in the sciences, Mr. Panitz turned toward the Arts where he wrote poems and songs as well as plays.

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