Dan O'Brien

Austin, TX

I'm a writer who helps businesses and nonprofits frame, craft, and promote their narratives. Brand stories—with drama, protagonists, and satisfying resolutions—are the essential "hook" that engages prospective customers, clients, or donors. It's what they remember about you.

With a diverse background in literature (Dartmouth), education (Reed), and business (Harvard), I bring together an unusual mix of talents. I've worked as a media-technology analyst (Forrester), product manager (Pearson), and executive (Kaplan). As a freelancer, I've completed marketing collateral, white papers, technical writing, conference summaries, email campaigns and autoresponders, press articles, and case studies.

Lots of organizations have great ideas, products, and services—but inadequate skills in-house to tell their stories. What story can I help you tell the world?