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This will be decided at your consultation. During your consultation.Smoking seriously constricts blood vessels and therefore decreases blood flow to a given area resulting in poor healing. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications (discussed in DO’& DON’TS section) can cause increased bleeding, so you must avoid these.

Heavier patients will be disappointed with the overall result even if surgical measures or altering existing techniques such as extending the incision and liposuction are performed. This is because being significantly overweight will still leave you with substantial and significant fullness in the flanks, upper, and mid abdomen and buttocks.

Furthermore, in overweight individuals there is usually a large proportion of fat deep behind the abdominal muscles among our internal organs. This fat is not accessible to surgery and can only be lost with weight reduction measures such as diet and exercise. Performing surgery in these situations does not lead to a flat tummy. To avoid this disappointment and to minimize the need for a secondary procedure, the best candidates are men and women who are within several pounds (i.e. 10%) of their ideal weight.

If you are significantly more than this then you will be asked to reduce some weight before going ahead with any surgery. In certain borderline situations however abdominoplasty can be performed in individuals who are perhaps slightly more than within their 10% of ideal weight.

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