Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson Productions (DRP) is a New York based one-stop shop specializing in Video Production (Pre, Production, Post), Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Branding Development. Products produced by DRP include music videos, dance films, commericals, projections, b-roll footage, video vlog series, websites, show and concert archivals and company pitches. DRP has embraces the opportunity to assist businesses, theatre productions and professional individuals to take their multimedia to the next level and provide visual and conceptual exposure. Daniel Robinson, owner and operator of DRP, began his early career as an actor, dancer and singer. Performing as a leading actor on Broadway, National Tours and feauture films - Daniel became inspired by the performances around him and the moments of live theater brilliance. It was then he picked up a camera and began to capture a world that he now calls Daniel Robinson Productions. Daniel Robinson hopes to bring to every project the highest level of creativity, quality, personalization, flexibility, and most importantly, inspiration, for inspiring art gives meaning to everything we create.