The Life of Maya

Georgia, Usa

I come from a family filled with nothing but love and support asif you couldn't tell from all of the photos. But 2014 so far has been one of the toughest, happiest, saddest, most stressed times of my life. One day as I was in one of my not so happy days I sat there and thought about how incredibly blessed I am despite my current state at the time. To tell you the truth I have never experienced so much defeat before in such a short period of time. However, instead of being sad and negative about it I decided to not only be happy but to be more grateful than I have ever been before. After that I figured "why not share it?" I want to live to inspire and have people join me as we go through this crazy thing called life.

So follow me on my blog entitled Fearless Beginnings after all I'm only 19:)



  • Education
    • University of Georgia