Peter Daniels

Artist, Filmmaker, and Actor in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

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Peter is a graduate of Kootenay School of Art and Notre Dame University of Nelson B.C. Canada. Peter taught art formally for ten years for St. Michael's University School in Victoria B.C. and for the Dept. of the Solicitor General's Office in Abbotsford B.C. In 1981 Peter opened his studio full time where he created porcelain made on the potter's wheel and fired it in his upshot downdraft hill kiln at cone ten reduction,utilizing copper red and temmoku glazes. In 1985 Peter began painting and art publishing,where he published and distributed art prints across North America. Next came feature film and T.V. series, where he worked as stand-in,background,some stunt, voice-over,principal, and now writes and produces.

The new venture in his studio, is a hot glass, with a lehr, glory hole and annealing kiln. Peter's art is in the Permanent Collection of the Dept. of External Affairs in Ottawa, and he was nominated for the Bronfman Award in Canada in 1999 by the Delta Arts Council.

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    • Commercial Art Certificate, Fine Art Certificate,Fine Art Diploma. and