Daniel Streeter

Godly, great, handsome and an absolute delight are just some of the many adjectives that have been used repetitively to describe me. If you have found yourself here then you have already visited my blog, a journey I hope you've enjoyed thoroughly.

I am young and inspired writer with a passion for politics. I'm generally a liberally opinionated person and I will have something to say on most topics.

The general consensus of politics from people in the UK is that it is "boring" or a "waste of time."

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

I hope by putting my own unique spin upon politics, I can make it be a bit more interesting and not something full of jargon and designed for upper class toffs which no average person can understand.

So stay tuned for a few laughs, maybe a couple of moans and a great deal of political banter!