Daniel Trejo Banos


I am postdoctoral researcher at the iSSB Evry. My main research topics involve gene regulatory network inference over S. cerevisiae diauxic shift.

I have a phd in bioinformatics and systems biology by the University of Edinburgh, under the supperivison of Guido Sanguinetti. My main research interest involve the study of genetic regulatory networks. In particular, structure learning and experimental design using machine learning, with a Bayesian approach.

I have a bachelor on computer Engineering at the school of Enginering UNAM (Mexico), and a master degree on computer Engeneering at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of UNAM.

During my bachelor and masters I was interested mostly in classical AI, participating in projects related to expert systems.

I also labored as an intern on UNIX-Linux System Administration for the UNAM Institute of Engineering


Angel Fernando Kuri Morales, Daniel Trejo-Baños, Luis Enrique Cortes-Berrueco: Clustering of Heterogeneously Typed Data with Soft Computing - A Case Study. MICAI (2) 2011: 235-248

Trejo-Banos, D., Millar, A., & Sanguinetti, G. (2015). A Bayesian approach for structure learning in oscillating regulatory networks. Bioinformatics.10.1093/bioinformatics/btv414

Trejo-Banos, D., Millar, A., & Sanguinetti, G. (2015). Experimental design for inference over the A. thaliana circadian clock network. Computational methods in systems biology 2015
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