Daniel Tomei

I'm a Chicago-based Creative Director.

I am a facilitator of moments, an expert at making people, places, and things look good! I have versatile experience behind a camera as well as in front of the camera.

Sound editing for video production is also part of my resume, with over 8 years of radio experience as programming director, on air personality and segment producer.

As a Visual Producer, I've learned tricks of the trade from film professionals, collaborated with some of the greatest minds in the industry, partnered with seasoned veterans and I've focused my energy, organization, skill, and passion into producing and directing my own motion pictures projects.

The newest chapter in my life is CelebTV. For the past year, as a camera operator and broadcasting lighting technician, I had the chance to not only be in the company of an extraordinary team of producers, but also meet celebrities and interview them for the station. My blog features the videos I have worked on.

As a photographer I have also been published, print and online, in various magazines. CS Magazine, Latino Future Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Now, AOL Latino are just a few names on the list. I have also shot the cover of a few music albums , such as "Shut Up and Dance", signed the cover and inserts of the 2011 IADT Imagine Fashion Show booklet and been featured on the first page of TripFilms.com and TriJuice.com.

Please visit my website at www.tuttobeneentertainment.com for an inside look of my work, read my blog that's in the works as we speak and say hello via email office [at] tuttobeneentertainment [dot] com.