Daniel Trevisan

I’m Daniel Trevisan, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Piracicaba, a nice city in Brazil.

Now I’m studying automation engineering at EEP and twice a week I have english classes at Cultura Inglesa. Also I'm looking for a job as a trainee to gain experience and learn more about my career and the job market.

Has always been difficult for me to dislike something, but now I'm having more contact with older people that changed, I found that I really hate old people, especially professors and drivers.

Usually I wear a t-shirt, trousers or shorts and trainers, just normal clothes because I don’t follow any style. When I was more younger I tried to use cap and I liked of the visual, but I couldn’t because it bothered.

Sometimes at weekends I play soccer, but most of times I just watch on TV no matter which teams face off, just be a good match. Any party is an option, especially the college ones.