daniel tsou


Daniel Tsou is currently embarking on a BSc for Information Systems Management at the Singapore Management University. He has been playing with and studying gadgets for 6 years and loves to discuss latest technologies and trends.

One of the founders of Tech65.org, Daniel covers the latest consumer technology news and endeavours to help consumers make the most out of technology through videocasts, podcasts and blog posts – all with a distinct Singaporean perspective. He and his crew at Tech65.org have provided in-depth analysis of tech-related developments that impacts Singapore and the rest of the world, as well as reviews of products that they’ve had the opportunity to pick up. He also finds great joy in helping people learn how to be empowered by technology.

With his passion and desire to share with people new findings of the latest products as soon as he finds them, Daniel has had his videos featured a few times on Engadget.com

This write-up was written by Amelia Wong of Waggener Edstrom (Singapore) and edited by Jerrick Lim and Daniel Tsou of Tech65.org in January 2010.