Daniel Wolf

publisher and Retail Buyer in Cleveland, Ohio

Daniel Wolf

publisher and Retail Buyer in Cleveland, Ohio

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Daniel was born in 1978 and raised in the Greater Cleveland area. A fan of the Cavs and the Indians, Daniel is also a tortured football soul by the Browns. But his true passion and fandom resides with Star Wars, Marvel and pop culture.

An experienced online writer since 2009, he is the current founder and publisher for the superhero movie news website, DailySuperHero.com. He also works as a toy buyer and logistics specialist for his own online toy store through Amazon, since 2007.

Daniel is a graduate of Cleveland State University with two Bachelor's degrees: one in film/digital media and one in journalism. He wrote about football from 2009-12 including an editorial position at BleacherReport.com and was the editor-in-chief of Cleveland State's campus newspaper. Daniel is also a former vet of retail upper management having been a regional manger, store manager and sales manager at various retailers during the span of a decade.

Daniel's past football work has been published on or linked to by: NFL.com, ESPN.com, CBSSports.com, Yahoo! Sports, USA Today, National Football Post, LATimes.com, BleacherReport.com, Cleveland.com and many more.

His movie and entertainment writing has been published on or linked to by: EW.com, EOnline.com, SuperHeroHype.com, ComicBook.com, Ain't It Cool News, Reddit.com's front page, IGN.com, MTV Splash Page, Slash Film, ComicBookMovie.com and many others.

Co-founder, digital network VP of National Football Authority before the brand was acquired by Sports Authority.

"Listen, smile, agree, then do whatever the f**k you were gonna do anyways." - Robert Downey Jr.

"You can tell how smart a person is by what they laugh at." - Tina Fey

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