Daniel Wright


my dear friend
I am Daniel wright..
ever since I was a little boy I loved to read.. one of my best books, that I loved the most, was "The Catcher in the Rye" by Salinger, beautiful book, I was influence by him and so are other books too. I started writing not for long time now and I love doing that. I write poems, plays, every thing and any thing a found plusher with and hope other will to..
life is to joy and enjoy from..
this first book I wrote is no. 3 , the series start with that number, u are not confused, it is a part of the journey, be sure of yourself and trust yourself knowing what u know, that is true..
I hope u enjoy my book, and hope to hear what u have to say, I also want u to know, that number 1 is on his way...

have fun( I hope u would)

best regards

Daniel wright