Daniel Ng

Learning. Applying. Aspiring.

As a student in High School, education dominates my current life. However, education is useless if it is not applied. Due to this, my philosophy in education is "Education is Personal". Education and life both provide countless opportunities, but it is up to you to pursue those opportunities.

This is why I tutor after school. I aim to help open doors to students who struggle in different fields, and help them master it. The United States education is impersonal and thus, many do not enjoy it. I aim to make every tutoring session a personalized one, where the client feels like they are understanding.

In addition to helping my clients, I aim to help the world as well. All tutoring fees will be donations to a charity of the client consensus. This allows me to help locally while helping internationally. With education, the world opens up to you, and the doors to success soon become near. I hope to guide as many people along the long journey, to the doors of success.