Danielle Marie -

My thoughts take over my body everytime you walk into my ear and whisper in my mind the way you do..

Im enticed by what you do to me, when you send that heatwave down my spine and follow it with a chillbump or two.

Thats what lust and pain do together after a chemical reaction goes sour in my soul. But between me and you baby, I have an idea involving perversion, deciet, and a free mind passing your direction with a bowl. Of mixed feelings and emotions stirred by sexual deviance and Im smiling slightly, in dismay. My eyes are glued to something in my head while a shake the anger away. Pleasurable and openminded. Careless and evolved. I finally reach the final point where the sight of you needs much to be involved. I jolt a bit, your eyes blank with desire. Fire in a glass. take one, then another Baby do it for me because I burn it up too fast. ...seventeen hours, thirteen ideas, and three days just isnt enough. I need you to make your way other directions and taste my illicit dreamlike serum of many spells. Ill guide you the direction if you feed me lies smothered in deviantlike dishonest tales. The scent of your power, my anticipation, and the foggy disallusion seeping from our bodies fill the room, like a filtered quarintine its so taking, smoke signals arriving real soon. Desirable auditory mass. I look over, your sexy blank face looking numb in a stare.. So on my feet ,i rise, naked and touch my tangled sex-like hair. Breath in the euphoric tastes, I call out to you in smile. Sure enough though the chase is over so back to moodswings and denial. I look down, then back up. Understanding its okay. Youll be back in no time, returning in my arms with no delay. I once again ignore all signs that point the finger to you. I smile, realize, and dedicate my soul just as any woman with you would do. Patiently. I begin waiting for the moment that you actually have a want for me. We inhale it through our circumstances and exhale at a dispursing degree. .......Then I look over at something that catches my eye.

You lost sight of me and eyes wandered, so naturally, as did mine.

Couldnt help but notice just how much i like to stare. Especially on some fire with the thoughts I have to spare. You shouldnt make me chase you down and still you run the other way. Never intended for this victim to be a source of smoke signalling something in my way...

lol. oops.