Danijel Kurinčič

Officialy a freelancer now. Still work for D.Labs, but also on a gamedev project, a subscription service for US market, a mobile app and lots lots more! (kill myself)

I thrived at D.Labs. I have become an e-commerce UX ninja with mimovrste=), we KPI'd it that good UX is an asset, done loads of user research and usability testing, been there when we invented new webdev methods and brought dlabs to London.

I began to teach! In 2012 we organized 5 service jam events: a day-long intense design workshops inventing, designing, prototyping and presenting a concept for a service. We had a blast, people amazed want more, I got 500xp and Level Up!

Games are life. Now working on a mobile game project as a UX guy, interface and game designer, user researcher and buss consultant, ask Domen Grabec!

My strenghts: ideation, communication, strategic, includer and adaptability (Gallup). I could tell you all the bad stuff as well, but you have to pay for that with a coffee :)

My vision for the next years include designing an experience resulting in 1 mio € revenue boost, workabroad for 1 year , make a difference in the society I live in, invent a state-of-art way of doing UX (or a UX concept) and preach that to all-ears students.