Danika Drover

Industrial Hygienist and Singer-Songwriter in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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Danika Drover is a world traveler. You know the type. The constant need for stimulation. Always wanting to learn about cultures and see more. So it should come as no surprise that she found herself also being the sort that would write songs. Of course the next step is to start performing them in public. Those early gigs led Danika to not only enter but take top prize in the O'Reilly's open mic challenge which in turn allowed to her record her debut album, "Wanderlust". Her pseudo-neo-soul stylings blend seamlessly with her smooth and sultry yet lyrical voice and her understated positivism. Danika is the antidote to the barrage of negative music clamouring over the airwaves today. A voice that simply says "step back and relax" in a world full of "Hurry up and wait".

  • Work
    • Singer-Songwriter
  • Education
    • master of health science
    • master of science in kinesiology