Danika Hannali Lilja Isaac

D.O.B: 20th October 1996
Born: Malmo, Sweden
Living: Edinburgh, UK

I'm currently studying art & anthropology and I'm a lame artist. I paint a lot and I'm teaching myself pottery and glass blowing. I sell my paintings online for pennies.

I'm not heavily into religions but consider myself a buddhist as it is in line with my morals and it gives me the ability to meet like-minded people.

I'm a feminist - Not a man-hater.

I'm an antivist. For those who only know this as a (sick) BMTH track, this is defined as being fed up with society's definition of how life should be played out. Similarly, I consider myself to be a Utopian, meaning that I hope and aim for a state in which everything is perfect and ideal.

I'm a vegan and animal rights nut. I don't believe that animal products are ours to take, and we are not within the rights to capture and show off animals. Don't even get me STARTED on killing for sport. My mind cannot understand how other humans are okay with this. ::I will not attack you for having views that contrast mine on this subject, but I will of course try to make you see things my way::

I am bisexual, and I love everyone who allows me. I consider myself biromantic, and although this is a term for someone who is a-sexual, unlike myself, I feel like it is very fitting. It is defined as romantic attraction to both genders, with no sexual element. This involves things like cuddling, gift giving and speaking with love. It is usually described without involving kissing, as it is an a-sexual term, but I include it. This is how I feel about all of my friends, and I love getting very intimate with the people who I deeply love - without it being a sexual thing, or a relationship.

However, I'm probably likely to be described as a hypersexual or "nymphomaniac" too, as I have an extremely high sex drive and enjoy getting very intimate with different partners.

I am a dreamist. I sleep a lot, everywhere, all of the time, and am very connected with my dreams. I study dream patterns and make sense of my brain. I like to nap with friends and partners as this has a beautiful effect on the "dream world".

I am a nonviolent. I do not believe in the sense of harming others or ourselves and I am anti-war, etc.

I am a cat lady. I have two kitties, Zulja & Kaje, and I adore them such a large amount, it melts my heart.