Dani Loebs

Northern California, United States

Welcome! My name is Dani Loebs and my passions are community-building and path finding. Each morning I wake up excited to make new discoveries and connections and I find that my desire for creative collaboration is insatiable. I fully embrace the hacker culture of innovation and improvisation in order to tackle challenges. Disruption creates opportunity!

Technologies in our world are evolving at an exponential rate, and I thrive on anticipating how to adapt my business and marketing strategies before each new wave of change hits. These same technologies have also enabled us to become closer, collaborate more, and create incredible communities in ways that have never before been possible. The industry is tumultuous and exciting while also surprisingly generous and kind. I love it.

Currently I am thrilled to begin applying my skills to Kovars Inc., an organization whose outstanding instructors create a better community by teaching life skills and good citizenship to all ages. It’s rewarding to devote time to the causes I believe in, and I am delighted to be training with and learning from them.

In my free time, I also enjoy Improv Comedy. I’m a member and performer at Blacktop Comedy in Roseville, CA. The skills I’ve learned from improv have proven invaluable to my professional life. I highly recommend dropping in at a workshop at your nearest comedy club if you are so inclined.

  • Work
    • Marketing Manager
  • Education
    • Uc Berkeley