Dani Riekwel


To be honest, that headline doesn't even begin to describe all the things I have done and the things I can do. As a multipotentialite, I've been obsessed with a huge number of different subjects and held at least 13 different positions. I've learned to speak Dutch in three months, worked as a trampolining coach, and taken care of a baby and budgeted a household. I've cleared debt while working as an au pair and travelling Europe, and been a manager of a small childcare team while volunteering as a youth camp organiser and counsellor. I've learnt the ukulele and saxophone, studied linguistics, philosphical logic and comparative literature. I type at 73 wpm and I excel at excel (see what I did there?) but I'm pretty handy with a mac.

I love to discover new things to become obsessed about, linking all of my random skills together to focus on the task at hand, and come up with creative solutions.

All while bouncing a baby on my hip, cooking the dinner, and giving my husband a kiss.

  • Education
    • Linguistics