Photographer, Filmmaker, and Project Manager in Johannesburg South, South Africa


I am Daniyal Khan based in (South Africa) working as freelancer Fashion, Event, wedding and Headshot Photographer.

Allow me to give you an idea about me and my passion; I am business graduate from IBA (MBA Marketing) a famous college of Pakistan. After completing my graduation, I started working with Reckitt & Colman Ltd as Marketing Manager. Later, I was sent for further training in Singapore where Iwas invited on a fashion shoot, which was the place where I accidently pickedup a camera and discovered that inborn talent. It was rebirth of a strikingphotographer.

Why I Chose Fashion Photography

I entered the realm of fashion photography for a couple of reasons.Ever since a young lad, I had a love for fashion and this never went away.Secondly my passion for photography as an expression for my creativity hasalways been a big part of my life. So, fashion photography was something thatwas bound to happen. I’m not in it for the glamour or the money, but rather asan outlet for my passion of photography and fashion.

I like to capture images that tell a story and convey an emotion.Something as simple as a group of friends hanging out, a bride walking down thepassageway or an oxidized permeable spout, all have the prospective to tell usa story when artistically displayed.

It is very difficult to be passionate about capturing something thatyou have little interest in.

I often find that I express things in a way that other people wouldn'thave thought of. Sometimes to the extent that they have to ask me what it is.In fact, it's sometimes fun to challenge people and ask them what they think itis! But for me that is such an important aspect of my work, confirming to methat I'm expressing my surroundings through my eyes and in my own individualway.

I pride myself on being versatile in how I tell the story, alwaysworking with my clients on the style of photography that best suits theirneeds. I try to be almost invisible on your special day. This allows me tocapture real and raw emotions.

As a professional photographer I spend a great deal of time with eachclient understanding their expectations. There is a need for more traditionalposed portraiture, my skills and understanding of lighting, the location andthe subjects allow me to create the scene and set the mood for stunning images.

My number one priority as your photographer is to tell your unique story.