Dan Dawson

I am a Christian, Conservative, 5th Generation Floridian Political Operative with a beautiful wife and a passion for media technology.

A few months ago I started MsgCmnd, a digital consulting and creative firm, and my first real venture into the world of consulting. Before taking my livelihood into my hands, I spent ten years as an operative and staffer for Republican candidates and organizations.

During that time I developed social and multimedia plans, managed press, monitored media and built websites. This experience has parlayed nicely into digital advertising and makes up the bulk of my business. Getting to this stage was the result of hard work, faith and the help of political operatives and consultants that wanted me to succeed.

Beyond the practice of politics, I am interested in the areas where it converges with policy, media and technology. Somewhere between Tech’s disruptive innovation, and the government’s interest in certainty lies the answer to many of our nation’s issues.

I don't really update this about.me page, so go to dandawson.org if you care to follow posts.

- Dan