Dan Khan

I have created, advised, and co-founded many tech startup businesses in the UK and in New Zealand over the last 15yrs.

I've been coding since I was 10, and have grown up designing and building highly scalable Internet systems from the ground up. I was key in engineering SmartGroups.com, Europe's largest online social network.

My interests include my current startup venture Refurly.com; co-founder of 1791 Diamonds.com; and I bootstrap when needed through, NetProfess.com. I also organise a local community of 150+ technology entrepreneurs in Auckland, and advise startups in New Zealand using a lean startup approach.

I moved to NZ with my wife in 2004, and now have a Kiwi son who joined us 3 years ago. In addition to web technology, I'm passionate about connecting other people through technolgy and innovation; game design and board-games; and most of all: cooking curries, a love of which was imbued in me by my own father.