Rita Danko

Melbourne, Australia

I am an accredited Natural vision teacher.

Threw my own glasses away in 1991 and studied with dr. Janet Goodrich the Bates Method so i could help others throw away their glasses as well.

I am an author of one e-book, 13 videos, 1 audio and a manual on the subject of eye sight and how ti improve them naturally.

I have taught in Universities and Colleges in Melbourne Australia and speak publicly at many forums.

The Age Newspaper in Melbourne wrote an article about proof that Natural vision works in 2007 and The Sydney Morning Herald ran the same story next day. Article was by Kate Robertson and appeared on 14th October 2007. I have helped thousands of people to improve their eye sight in private workshops as well as one to one.

So far I have written 5 articles on EzineArticles and all have been published under my own name.

I have a website on www.naturalvisionhomestudy.com and am available on email.

I am also a distributor of Aloe Vera products because I believe we all need a little bit of nature's help to live in this polluted world.

I was born in Tallinn,Estonia but live in Melbourne, Australia. Love to travel, paint, train my brain in every direction and mothered 4 children. Have a fantastically charming Hungarian husband

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