Alexandra Robyn

Hai der. I'm Alexandra, Alex, Dankyew, Danky, Dankkky, Dank, what ever the fuck you know me by, thats who i am haha. You might know me from tinychat, or you could have just stumbled upon this page by accident.
I'm 16 years old, just finished my junior year in high school. I'm from Connecticut, though i don't plan to be for long. I want to travel the world, i've been to four continents plan to get to all 7 by the time i turn 21.
I want to change the world, but i'm not quite sure how i'm going to do it yet.
Wanna get to really know me? Shoot me a message, check out my tumblr, facebook, twitter (boring), or hit me up on tinychat. I'll be there (: