Dan LaRosa

Middletown, Connecticut

For over 30 years Dan LaRosa has gained respect throughout the world as a Motivational Stage Hypnotist. His shows and workshops have been presented throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and most recently on the aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ for military personnel returning from the Persian Gulf. His theatrical hypnosis performances are captivating, thought provoking and fun for all! In addition to demonstrating the funny and dramatic side of hypnosis, LaRosa has taught other people how to banish unwanted habits, dramatically improve sales and athletic performance, reduce stress, and increase personal power, through his motivating Live Your Dream workshops, and through personal hypnosis sessions. Dan is a master hypnotist and a certified Hypnosis Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists. To learn about upcoming workshops, personal sessions, and stage shows like Dan at:


  • Work
    • Hypnotherapist
  • Education
    • Francis T.Maloney High School
    • Central Connecticut State University