Dan Laske

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My goal is to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, executives and senior professionals who are committed to making a lasting positive impact on the communities they serve. With a strong marketing acumen, entrepreneurial experience and appreciation for creativity and innovation, I am an ideal partner for businesses and non-profits in the creative industries.

As a marketing and communications consultant, I specialize in the development and management of successful online communities that bring people together around a common theme or purpose. This is my professional passion. Since early in my career, I have been recognized as an exceptional networker and connector. By combining my passion for networking and relationship building with expertise in internet marketing and online engagement, I am able to more effectively build and manage active and engaged audiences online.

My other key areas of specialization in the field include: internet strategy and implementation, website and social media management, online engagement, promotion, brand management and awareness, online publishing, public relations and stakeholder relations.

Experience in entrepreneurship adds to my effectiveness and appeal as a consultant to creative startups, small businesses and non-profits. I am one who recognizes the importance of the creative sector in growing local economies. Therefore, I am committed to helping creative enterprises grow and prosper by utilizing my unique knowledge and experience. My object is to help creative businesses and non-profits to identify their true niche and then expertly communicate this information to their intended markets and stakeholders utilizing proven marketing strategies and tools.

Specific, creative businesses I have founded and led include: MKE Live, LLC (Partner and Vice President), Southeastern WI Arts Guild, LLC (Founder and President), and GreatMKE (Co-Founder and Partner).

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee