Daniel Dudley

Cleveland, OH

For the past few years, I have been meandering my way through the NYC & Cleveland, doing role imaginable from content writer to UX designer to digital strategist, and in one particularly memorable afternoon "whoopee cushion courier."

I currently live in Cleveland and spend my work-time managing SEM and high-level digital strategy for SBN Interactive, my spare-time running a boutique screenprinting shop called 1600Pandas, my leisure-time doing design work the biomedical innovation company DragonID, and the rest-of-my-time putting on tech events through an organisation called Techpint. I am big advocate for my adopted home and an active participant in the growing tech scene in Northeast Ohio.

I have a tremendous belief in the unstoppable power of well articulated brands, energized communities, collaborative consumption, and, of late, Cleveland itself— and will argue ad infinitum with anyone who believes otherwise.

Other than that, people tell me I am an pretty personable individual.

And also this is not a photo of Cleveland, but Alberta, one of many places where I used to live.

  • Education
    • Oberlin College '12