Danna Julieth

Student in Bogotá, Colombia

Work out with me

Hi, I'm Danna, I live in Bogota - Colombia.I am a student of Administration, I work with patients of orphan diseases.

I really like to help, I do social work with people who live in the street and with grandparents (this makes me very happy and fills my soul).

I am very inclined for numbers, personal finances, in my work I perform by making budgets; This stresses me a lot but I like it.

I am a fanatic to go out and travel, to know natural places, I really like the trees and their variety, i liked the nature.

I am patient with people and with many situations, but when my patience runs out I am very bad tempered, I do not like people to humiliate others or believe that they are superior, I am hurt by the lack of humanity that currently exists.