Danna Kiel

Teacher, Filmmaker, and Writer in Los Angeles, California

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Danna Kiel is a motivational speaker, teacher, writer, mother and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. Book Danna to inspire and motivate your staff, students, youth group, club or organization. She is a spiritual hippie on a mission to make sure everyone sees and remembers daily the BEST of who they are! She activates the individual and collective power within any person or group to whom she speaks. Through meaningfully experienced and inspired wisdom, stories, aphorisms and the game of Chess, Danna delivers a powerful message to lift and sift the brilliance in everyone. She reminds us all through speaking, teaching, writing, curating and creating media content that is transformational for all that we must own our own ah-mazing because it already owns us! She spends a lot of time people watching and listening to conversations from around the world. She Is sure more than ever before Everything is Possible! #IAM #THAT #IAM