Dannielle DeCicco

I had worked so many wonderful jobs when I was younger, I had so many opportunities to explore new skills and polish my old ones.

Stager- I worked as a "stager" before they even had a name for it. I did window displays at an Antique/ Consignment store. The store windows were a vignette of my " casual living room time" spent winding down after work or the next "social gathering hosted on my patio deck" overlooking the oceans' bobbing light of the moon. I also knew how to fix "things". Due to the fact that "creativity" was not on the highest paying job list, I always created from that which was discarded. I was given the opportunity to hone those skills when the owner would purchase items cheaper due to small defects, a bad stain job, splintered wood, a wheel that would wobble. I could putty wood grains together to appear seamless, fix a cracked leg on a gossip bench, sand, refinish and restain a pair of Herman Millers' Famed wooden chairs, reupholster an ice cream shoppe stool with faux zebra and even replace the worn and broken seat of a rattan chair.

Estate Sales- I loved old tools even before "Pickers" had their licenses. I wasn't afraid of dirtying my nails or messing my hair when I went in the old shed to sort through rusted tongs and toolboxes, paint thinner and prodding irons. I would dig up old tiles with cherubs on them, unearth a push mower planted almost as firmly as the weeds around it. Personally, this was my favorite part.

Construction- I had a mentor who I admired twice as much as he thought I , abrasive. He nicknamed me 60grit ( for the rock sized sandpaper we used on VERY stubborn wood). He taught me the little bit of patience I still hold onto to this day. He taught me that seven inches , and 3 little lines on a ruler read________. He taught me how to prep a room for painting, tape a window off, wash a paintbrush the CORRECT way, ( whaaat? 20 minutes to ...wash...a ... paintbrush? My method, Toss, Replace. ) recreate Roman Ruins by painting styrofoam corniches like marble, he taught me to breath, let small things go, enjoy life, work hard and at the end of the day I could eat a big Mac with fries and not gain an ounce!!

Office work- My years of going green ( I called it going "greenless", was coming to an end. On the other hand my knowledge was going to shoot throught the roof. When i started, the only computer usage I had