Danni McGriffith


Danni McGriffith writes somewhat politically incorrect, realistic Christian fiction from her home in Oklahoma where she and her husband ranch/farm.

A homeschool teacher of her three sons for sixteen years, she finally graduated the last one and retired from that endeavor. Unwilling to waste all those years of english classes, however, she writes about her lifelong love of horses, farming, and ranching, bringing those things to life in stories reflecting her reverence for Jesus Christ and family.

Danni is the author of Agnes Campbell's Hat, a historical novel, and The Cedar Tree, the first book in the Love Is Not Enough series. She is currently working on book two of the series, tentatively scheduled for publication sometime in the spring/summer of 2014. She also blogs From the Ranch Pen at dannimcgriffith.com, posting her regular take on events out on the homeplace with her tongue firmly in her cheek and her foot taking up the rest of the space in her mouth.