danni mohammed

look at the world with a curious, and sometimes critical eye, yet always constructive. have this compelling need to understand why something is the way it is. and ask myself how i can help make it work better. an experience. a design. a system.

communications planning is where i started. and seeking out positive change is where i'm ending up. everyday brings about a new insight that always leads to doing something a better way.

i'm from the UK and currently work at Saatchi & Saatchi NY. lead the global planning for Lenovo (technology), the global comms planning for Trident (chewing gum) and provide consultation across other Saatchi brands. in short, i help brands find their purpose, from which to create behavioral ideas that motivate their target and incite varying degrees of participation.

in my spare time and sleep time i'm pretty restless. at the mo, i'm working on a british tv sitcom and thinking about how i can make tea the american's choice, over coffee. it's better for the soul.