Dannos Tsakalos

"When you've done the very best you can do, roll it into a ball, chuck it into the bin, and start again".

Given the packed house, the satisfied delegates and the chunk of revenue, the latest conference I produced was admittedly another success. Alas. That wasn't enough to put a big smile on my face. I am a natural born perfectionist, you see. Which means that, sometimes, I resemble Statler and Waldorf, but, hey, they are a lovely pair of characters, right?

Professional career in a nutshell

A brief stint as a marketer, only to quit so as to join the 2004 Olympic News Service roster. There I realized how much I enjoyed writing, so I decided to embark on a career as editor at Marketing Week, Greece's premium trade publication -it seemed a wise choice, in view of my Masters in “Media and Culture”and MSc in “Marketing”. And I stayed there for almost 7 years. Partly because I enjoyed attending the Advertising Festivals of the world and learning from the best -I still do! Cannes Creativity Festival, Golden Drum Festival, Eurobest, Tomorrow Awards... Yes, Advertising (and Marketing Communications) has become one of my passions. That's why I was entrusted with the production of numerous popular events such as the annual Athens Creativity Conference, Marketing Directors Forum & Social Media Conference. And I consider myself a "lucky bastard". For, I've had the honour to meet and/or interview the likes of George Lois, Neil French, Paul Lavoie, Ted Royer, Pablo Del Campo, Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy, Tony Granger, Karpat Polat, Steve Vranakis, David Angelo, Stefan Schmidt, Ali Ali, Simon Clift, Mark Gross & Matthew Bull, to mention just some of them. And the list goes on, as I might have taken on the very challenging (and interesting) role of Marketing Manager of the Thinkdigital Group of Companies, but you know what? I am still organizing events, ICEEfest in particular -great event, check this out at www.iceefest.com.

Obsessed with...

Advertising. Already told you that. Right. Maybe I should say then that I am also obsessed with basketball, football and sports in general, but that would be an understatement. What else? I design t-shirts and it's not an exaggeration to describe me as a pop culture aficionado who seeks inspiration and joy by listening to music and watching movies.

So, all