Dannyela Iniguez

I am a full-time student at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) since the Fall of 2012. I am a transfer student from Los Angeles Mission College. I decided to major in Accounting because I enjoyed the introductory accounting courses, I had a great professor that motivated my interest, and I was good at it.

As I started my first semester at CSUN, I quickly became interested in the clubs and organizations on campus. Therefore, I decided to join Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) -an honorary accounting society, the Accounting Association, and ALPHA. This is my second semester as part of the organization and I am now Canidate Director. I worked with my co-director in order to put together 2 events for the organization and a candidate project for all the new members. Because I enjoyed networking and getting to know my peers as well as giving back to the community through the organization. I decided to get more involved and became recording secretary for the Fall 2013 semester.

I enjoy the accounting program at CSUN, my peers and professors, as well as the proffesionals that I have met in the Accounting industry. And, that is why I am very motivated and enthusiastic to be a future accountant.

  • Work
    • Peer Learning Facilitator
  • Education
    • Associates in Arts with a Business Concentration
    • from LAMC