Danny Lai

Hong Kong China

Danny Lai [Padi MSDT-481610] ,with more than 20 years coaching experiences, started his 1st dive in Cairns, Australia. Since then, he was hooked and dived a lot. He achieved his diving professional a few years later and traveled many countries, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. He led students to visit more than 10 countries and hundreds of dive sites, including: Hong Kong, Hainan and Lan O of China; Puerto Galera (P.G.), Palawan, Batangas, SoGodBay, Bohol, Subic Bay, Malapasuca, Analia, Dumaguete and Coron of Philippines; Tawau, Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu (K.K.) of Malaysia; the Andaman Sea, Koh Sammi, Phuket and Similan of Thailand; Komodo, north Sulawesi , Mamado, Sangalaki, Tulamben, Lembeh and Bali of Indonesia; Cairns and Great Barrier Reef of Australia; Taiwan; Maldives ; Fiji; Palau;Tonga……Danny also teaches diving and Finswimmimg for various age groups, from 8 to 60s, More and more students want to experience different diving sites around the world. As a result, Danny formed a diving club, Fun Diving Walker, to promote safety and enjoyment of scuba diving. Danny Lai is from Hong Kong, China, and is open to new opportunities to share his programs and trips.

He is also a PE teacher, Instructor of Athletics, Men Gymnastics, Trampolining, Bodybuilding, Emergency First Responsers, Fin-swimming & Boxing. He is a qualificated Massage Therapist certificated by China.