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hi i'm cipher ( aka ciphy ) and welcome to my about !!!!!!!

| basic shit?? |

i'm a 14 y/o transgender male who identifies as poly- demiromantic + pansexual ! i'm currently single but i'm not really looking for a relationship right now !

| ok shit ... |
so uh here's a little bit more about me ??? im currently an aspiring writer/artist/animator/cosplayer/voice actor whicH is a lot of things to be but hey i'll make it work! however right now i'm technically working on a storyline, so that's fun! i love talking about art, characters, literature and horror !! i'm really easy to talk to and i love making friends !!!! i wish i was better at talking about myself but i don't really think i have a describable personality lmao im just kinda a chill dude!

| good shit !!!! |

and now my fav part !!! the shit i like!! okay okay sooo i'm really into a lot of stuff, including webcomics ( prague race, cucumber quest, atonement day, etc. ), video games, youtubers, music, musicals, cartoons and butt stuff ;0 hmu about ANY of this shit no matter what it may be bc i'm really gay for this stuff yo and i love bonding with people over it!

| edgy 12 year old tumblr shit |

ok so i might maybe possibly most likely be mentally ill and also maybe definitely be otherkin/fictionkin (kill me) and uh! yeah let's talk about that shit i suppose? for the mentally ill stuff i'm not diagnosed, so take this with a grain of salt. i'm pretty sure i have npd and ptsd.

anyway i have like a good amount of kins!! so here's a list bc it's more organized eheh

| ids: ( don't follow if u kin with him!!! )

bill cipher; gravity falls

| primary kins: ( ask b4 following!! )

colin; prague race

cooper; something you want

malachi; atonement day

matsuoka rin; free!

| secondary kins: ( ok to follow )

morty; rick + morty

noah; tribe twelve

saturday; cucumber quest

| otherkin




| other places |

tumblr: xoltol

instagram:public spam nsfw

ask for my kik n skype!

thanks for reading lovely! dm me 'woofers' if you read it all the way through (it's how i know ur cool B) )