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In an industry changing by the minute, Danny Sibai has always been far ahead of the curve. As the President and CEO of the award-winning Online Business Strategy and Development Company Link2City, he has blazed trail that many have followed. The firm's unlimited talents include e-business building, consulting, marketing, and site design. However, it's his unique ability to integrate them all that has landed the firm near the top of South Florida lists in both Internet Marketing and Website Design on a yearly basis.

Danny is a pioneer in the internet industry and considered a top technologist among his peers and clients. Beginning in the early 90's, he forecasted trends which allowed him to direct executives and decision-makers through this brave new world of technology. But what he knew better than others were the ramifications and opportunities for business embracing the world of on-line retail and e-commerce. He easily lead the way for the migration of off-line business operations to on-line visibility. In essence, he was doing what everyone was still talking about - bridging the standard bricks and mortar world into the very new clicks and mortar universe.

His 20 years of business experience in the US, Middle East and Europe included directing Marketing and Business Development efforts for one of the Middle East's largest Publishing Houses - The Eastern Company for Publications as well as International Development for Hardees Food System. He used these world-wide experiences to fully embrace the unlimited global expansion and connection of business via the net.

Danny is one of the most sought after thought leaders in the industry. As a visiting Professor at the American University of Beruit, he taught and lectured marketing, management and sales courses. He is also a frequent speaker at industry and trade gatherings. Some of his topics include:

"The Evolution of an Internet Revolution"
"There is No Future When It All Happens Now"
"Life Online"
"Online Marketing, You've Got One Shot"
"Every Word Online Needs To Sell"
"Why I'm The Most Handsome Man In the Business"

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