Danny Skarka

Astronaut Wannabe and Digital Media in California

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cameraman. But with no camera and no show, my solution was a cardboard box and the TV. I got to "run camera" on every show I watched. High school radio led to Community College where one class was so inspiring, I decided to produce a sitcom from scratch. That led to a university where I taught part of the Directing class because I knew the gear better than the instructor. Then to prompter operator at CNN to Sr Technical Director at CNN's HLN. Five startups, three of them hardly more than a construction site when I started. One was a swimming pool. Another was a car dealership in Milan, Italy.

From standing behind CAM 2 to live streaming from my phone, from following along to defining successful strategies, I learned to keep moving forward, learned from failure, embrace the change.


15+ years of management experience, building teams, culture and leading projects. 6 years of executive management experience, defining vision, strategy and business turnaround.


"Danny is a real triple threat of video professional, avid social media consumer/producer and customer service maven. Additionally, he is a very quick study with a curiosity to learn new areas beyond his prior experiences" -Ben Schick, Former CEO of MediaOne Studios

"From planning to post production I know we can count on Danny to help guide each and every project we collaborate with him on to its maximum potential. Danny never hesitates to rise to the challenge of the constraints we throw at him " -Dana Han-Klein, Google

"Working with Danny was one of the best experiences of my professional career. He is knowledgeable in his field, and to say he is enthusiastic about his passion for media and technology is an understatement. Every day, Danny came to the table with new ideas and solutions. Danny implemented policies, procedures, and programs which elevated our fast growing department." -Jenn Shockey, Sales Logistics Manager, RED Camera