Dan Osusky

Bob Dylan said you gotta serve somebody, and because everything Bob Dylan says is pretty much true, I try to serve people I find interesting and deserving, who can make my life more fulfilling, and who all too often go unserved. That is why I am passionate about social enterpise and impact investing, and why I currently work at B Lab, a non-profit that helps businesses and investors evaluate and analyze their social and environmental impacts.

Prior to my work at B Lab I was an Associate at B Revolution Consulting, a consulting firm that aids and advises social entrepreneurs in developing business plans, attracting investors, and optimizing both impact and profitability. Before that I taught a college level Ethics class, volunteered at a community development NGO in rural Cambodia, interned for a logistics company in Shanghai, China, and was a pretty average high-school bowler. I earned a Master's Degree in Philosophy from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor's Degree from Wake Forest University with a double major in Economics and Philosophy.

Philosophy was my first love, and will always remain a central part of who I am. My interests there are primarily in ethics, meta-ethics, and political philosophy, and I have spent considerable time trying to reconcile my suspicion that moral anti-realism is correct with the belief that it is nonetheless important (and rational) to act according to a reasonable moral standard. I wonder about our moral obligations and how they have a bearing on global justice and our economic institutions. As a result of my work with B Lab I have become infatuated with questions surrounding impact--what type of world we want to create, how we go about acheiving it, and how we measure and compare our results.

I love literature and would like to publish a book some day (no luck so far, but I am working on a novel). I love traveling and hope to see as much of the world as I possibly can. I love running but always seem to be injured. I love surfing enough to brave the New Jersey water temperatures. I love basketball too, but see {Running}.

Maybe I'll start my own business or social enterprise someday. Maybe I won't. I would at least like to come up with an awesome excuse to go on more adventures and to visit more places like Cambodia, and try to leave my mark wherever my journey takes me.