Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan

Hi my name is Dan Raigorodsky Bendahan , i was born in Israel 25 years ago but i'm living in Barcelona(Spain), since I was 3, place where I grew up. I've always been a very curious and creative, Suddenly life was leading up to the fantastic world of animation, a world that amazes me and enrich me day to day, I started to study animation 3D 3 years ago, at a school in Barcelona called DigitalDreams Films, and then I have been doing things on their own and for some projects such as Blue and Malone detectives imaginarios,Cargols and some work more "freelance". I think the animation is a worthwhile profession, because even if you work long hours, the reward is usually always rewarding, and we say loudly an animator usually always be a happy person for his passion, for his motivation and his constant desire to learn.