Daniel Rodríguez Meléndez

I would try to define myself as an entrepreneur, but the truth is that I'm still trying. Cofounder of @bolidomx: www.bolido.com.mx An IT company that will change de way that people experience their smartphones. www.fsm.mx: My non profit organization, that tries to change the way that the youth think, trying to get them to understand that we are the change. Executive director of @AE_ITAM www.ae.itam.mx A graduate students society of “ITAM” that make the best efforts to impulse the entrepreneurship between the younger students. I focus myself in entrepreneurial themes and politics. I´m candidate to a Political Science Degree and A Business management degree. From ITAM and a Law degree from “UNAM”. I´m a dog lover, a politics fanatic, kinda control freak, et all. I´m convinced that to make a change in your environment you have to believe that you are that change, and make yourself as that change.