nathalie roberge

The story of a shopaholic who becomes a personal shopper and a fashion blogger to be able to work and shop at the same time. Who am I ? A 32 year old girl, born and raised in the country but who always knew that she belonged in the city. The city I love and live in : Montréal. What do I do? - I am a personal stylist/shopper for "normal people" and for artists - A fashion blogger through where I take pictures of myself in the fitting rooms - A fashion blogger that creates content for Place Montréal Trust (shopping centre) and ( What do I listen to? Mostly indie rock / folk music And fan of Bon Jovi... What do I do with my money? - shop for clothes - travel around the world (priority of the moment!) In 5 years : - I hope to still be living on that dream and to have 1 or 2 kids :) A house in the country would be lovely too.