Danso Gordon

Since making his nationwide television debut just over 10 years ago, Danso Gordon has enjoyed leading roles in film and on the small screen, including series regular roles on three shows. Danso Gordon first appeared as a guest on science fiction and adventure series Sliders, starring Jerry O’Connell, after moving to Los Angeles from Halifax, Canada. Soon after, Danso Gordon earned his first regular acting role as Kenny “Silk” Hayes on Hang Time, the NBC teen comedy. For two seasons, Danso Gordon acted alongside series leads as their friend and fellow high school basketball player on the Saturday morning series.

Following Hang Time, Danso Gordon accepted the role of Hank Beecham on In a Heartbeat, a dramatic series about student EMTs produced by the Disney Channel. By 2005, Danso Gordon took on the challenge of playing Clay Carlin in South of Nowhere, a dramatic series revolving around the lives of the Carlin family teenagers and their contemporaries. Danso Gordon explored coming-of-age matters involving his character on The N network hit.

In addition to his thriving television career, Danso Gordon paved his path as a feature film actor. Danso Gordon’s first break on the silver screen came with a performance in American History X, the thought-provoking drama about racism, violence, and reform. The same year he started his role on South of Nowhere, Danso Gordon was cast along with award-winning actors Bill Pullman and Jamie Bell in the Lars Von Trier-written drama, Dear Wendy, where his performance premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Danso Gordon recently took his passion for film to the other side of the camera, co-directing Cole, his first short film that received the Playhouse West Film Festival’s Best Actor award in 2007.

Danso Gordon recently completed a guest role on a forward-thinking comedy series about four friends, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and a part in a horror movie, Dark House. Danso Gordon has been part of numerous national advertising campaigns, including the 1999 Super Bowl Mountain Dew commercial and a national footwear campaign with basketball legend Charles Barkley. UCLA graduate Danso Gordon also co-founded the diverse street wear line Caleb Clothing Co.